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I said cool, but the truth is that I’m stressing to grip
Cause it’s hard to make music when this depression exists

They say use it as inspiration & the best of ‘em did
Well that’s them, see that I can’t handle this pressure for shit
And if you ask me stress is a bitch
My girl needs more attention and my record label’s desperate for hits

Now I’m pissed cause I’m getting out the zone again
Makes me start to dread when I see a microphone and shit
It ain’t supposed to be like that, I said ill be right back
I left the office got a phone and called my partner Jac

And I asked him “remind me why I’m rappin”
And right before he answered I remembered my passion in the past
When I was scribbling in my tablet
To box out my mom and dad scrappin
To help me when my granmother passed

Plus the many times I was homeless
And the times when I was broke
And the music made a way when I was hopless
He told me to remember the rain it’ll diminish the pain
And he told me not to ask him again, cause I know

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Stakes Is High | De La Soul

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Me Myself And I - De La Soul

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The Bizness // De La Soul (ft. Common)

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